FPGA-FAQ    0035

Can I use wirewrap with FPGAs

Vendor Xilinx/Altera
FAQ Entry Author Ray Andraka
FAQ Entry Editor Philip Freidin
FAQ Entry Date 12/09/2002

Q. Can I use wirewrap with FPGAs

A. (Extracted from one of Ray's Articles, 11/22/2002

While an FPGA on wirewrap can be done if extreme attention is paid to
both the wirewrap and the design of the timing of the I/O, I hardly
recommend it, especially to the beginner. Edge speeds on modern
devices make it very difficult to avoid signaling problems. Do
yourself a big favor and either use one of the many pre-fabricated
boards, or make a proper PWB (at least 4 layers, please!) and save
yourself many hours of grief.