FPGA-FAQ    0036

Configuring an FPGA with a cheap serial EPROM and a PIC processor

Vendor Xilinx
FAQ Entry Author Peter Wallace
FAQ Entry Editor Philip Freidin
FAQ Entry Date 04/03/2003

Q. Can I configure an FPGA with a cheaper Serial PROM that the ones from Xilinx


Actually a $1.35 SST 45LF010 serial flash chip (1 M bit) and a $.80
8 pin PIC will support up to 200K Spartan II/IIe parts (and maybe 300K
not sure what the 300K configuration size is)

Basically the serial flash chip will just shift out bits (all 1M) if
you keep clocking it so other than starting the ball rolling, and
allowing sreial download, the pic just generates the clock...

      Here is the schematic (In PDF)